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The Epic Return Of Faith


Aloha beauties! Guess what? I’m back, and better than ever! did you miss me

Okay…that’s a bit of an overstatement. Yes, I’m back. Probably not much better than before, though. Apologies for that tragedy.

Anyway, I guess I owe any readers I still may have an explanation for the sudden MIA status. Long story short, there were some personal issues I was going through, I took a break to sort it out, and now I have returned. And boy, am I glad to be back. You have no idea how much I missed blogging, though I really wasn’t at it for too long.

Now to spend the next few hours checking up on what’s changed here at WordPress.

Love to you all *Kisses*


My Top 3 Favorite Bloggers(So Far…)


Okay, so, I’ve seen some really great bloggers on here in the short time that I’ve been in the Blogging world, and I think I should give a few of my favorites a shoutout.

Before I begin, though, I must warn you: There is absolutely NO rhyme or reason to the types of blogs I read, and therefore you really shouldn’t expect that you’ll find all of one kind of blog on my blogroll. I can promise you this, though, you’ll see some pretty cool people.

My personal top favorite blog to read lately has been the website of miss Girl on the Contrary. I just love the fact that I don’t have to spend even ten minutes on her site in order to read quite a few really awesome posts. She really makes me laugh with her observations, and she tends to say a lot of the things I think before I really think much about it. I wholeheartedly recommend reading her site.

Another favorite: Improving Reality, One Story at a Time. I first saw this blog because I searched “short story” in the tag bar and found a really gripping, well thought out short story to read. Upon further reading, I saw quite a few other really cool posts on here. Really a great thinker, this woman. I highly recommend reading her blog.

And #3 on my top 3 blogs: TraBlogger. I read this guy’s blog because of the amazing pictures he posts of places and things around the world. It’s really awesome that he gets to see different cultures up close and personal, and he’s sharing that with us through his blog.

Now that’s my top 3 FAVORITE bloggers. (So far… I’m still reading. :D). (Oh, and that’s not including the Daily Post, which I guess technically counts, but it also technically doesn’t, since they’re the reason I’m posting this…)

If you want to see some of the other bloggers I enjoy, check out my Blogroll. As I’ve said, there’s no real rhyme or reason, I enjoy reading everything from mommy blogs to cooking blogs to music sites. But I’m sure you’ll find a great read on there. 🙂


A Warning to the Readers…


It has been one BUSY week for me, guys! I honestly kinda forgot this blog existed for a few days(You may laugh now). News flash to me: Schoolwork can get HARD some weeks!

So… confession time: I am WAY behind on the Blogging101 prompts, unsurprisingly.

WordPress world, get ready for some SERIOUS LiteraryFaith blogging! ;D

Who Am I? What Do I Want To Do?


I’ve just started this shiny new blog, and now a question faces me. One that it is imperative to answer to continue with creating my blog:

Who Am I?

Sometimes that can be a pretty hard question to answer. Now, in the literal sense, the question “Who am I?” Is pretty simple. I am Faith Thompson, homeschooled teen writer. Easy enough, right? But who am I inside?

When I was seven, I wrote my first “book”. I was SO proud of that 5 pieces of blue construction paper taped together with about 10 sentences and countless stick-figure pictures to illustrate. I titled it “Jermy’s Dog” (about Jeremy’s dog, of course.) and I showed it to everybody, telling them that I was going to get it published like my all of my favorite authors. Of course, I didn’t. But from then on, writing was my favorite thing, next to reading everything I could get my hands on. I wrote my first “real” chapter book at eleven, and I decided that I wanted to be a “professional writer”. Two years ago I discovered poetry. Though I am a far cry from a “real” poet, poetry has been my rock, the thing that I fall back on when I have nowhere else to turn in bad moments. I turn my bad days into beauty through writing, and that’s what I love about it.

So what happens when I try to put my stories, poems, essays, and my general thoughts on paper?

This blog is what happens. This is Faith…Literally. Welcome. Allow me to tell you what you can expect when reading my blog.

I want to accomplish, by writing publicly vs writing in private journal or something, a few things.

I want to:

  • Share my thoughts and writings with the world.
  • Hear other people’s opinions on the things of the world in general.
  • Learn to be a better writer.
  • Make some friends in the writing world.
  • Contribute my own ideas and writing techniques to the writing/blogging community
  • Just plain have fun writing! 😀

I’m really excited to learn everything I can about writing through the Blogging 101 course, and I hope that I can learn even more about writing, you, and me as time wears on and I continue with my blog.