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Siblings- Who Needs ‘Em?


I am an evil, coldhearted person.

Or, at least, I would be. If I actually agreed with this post’s title. Confession time: There have been times, though, during some of the countless shouting matches my siblings and I have hosted, when I’ve thought or said that(and worse things)…and meant it. At the time.

Let’s get one thing straight: If you have siblings, you HAVE argued with them at some point. I don’t care WHO you are, you simply cannot argue the contrary.

Some of those arguments are because of the silliest things, though, aren’t they?

For example: The other day, I was in the living room reading, my sister on the couch petting the dog, and my brother playing video games on the floor below me, when suddenly some annoying sound started to bug me and I just could not focus on my book. I looked up, ticked, to see what it was, and realized that it was my brother breathing. Yes, you heard me correctly. I was annoyed by my brother’s breathing. Ya know, that thing you do, converting carbon dioxide to oxygen in order to provide life-giving air to SURVIVE. Yup, I was irritated by my brother’s version of that. So I did the only logical thing one can do in that situation. I told him to stop. (All right, all together now, ladies and gentlemen, one… two… three… FACE. PALM) I won’t even continue that story, because it only gets dumber from there.

Another example: This morning, when I picked up one of those giant air-filled balls that they keep in a giant net at Wal-Mart off of our floor and started tossing it at the wall, only to get it knocked out of my hand and then thrown at my head by my brother. This, of course, started a not-so-friendly throwing war for the next five minutes. I swear, had we had any lamps in that room, they would’ve been broken.

There was also the time, a few years ago, when my sister (whose chore is doing the laundry)put a sock that wasn’t mine on my bed, and I tossed it back, saying so. She disagreed, but after a short argument she took it, and that night I found it under my pillow. I could’ve just given it to my mother, because I think that’s whose it was. But then what, in my childish mind, would I have proven? And so the silent war between my sister and I started, where every other night or so for a few months one of us found this mystery sock somewhere in our things. Sometimes it was somewhere obvious like in the pillowcase, but sometimes it was hidden in a book or something, and then it took a few days to find it. Just long enough for the enemy side to think the war was over, that the opponent had retreated. One day, I actually found it tacked to the shower wall. Oh, the things we do.
To this day, I have no idea what happened to that sock. It must have gotten lost in translation.

These things are just a sample of the dumb arguments my siblings and I get into. (And really, you should be glad you don’t have to hear the others…It gets pretty stupid.)

Isn’t it funny, though, how you can be angry as ever at siblings one minute, and the next be laughing together at absolutely nothing? Don’t tell them this, but I really do love my brother and sister. Without them, I’d have nobody to practice debate with. I wouldn’t have someone to stay up till 2 AM chatting with. I wouldn’t have somebody to teach me how to play Halo and all those other video games. (And to give my character a good smack in the face when I screw up for the whole team.) Without my siblings, I wouldn’t be the writer I am today.

Who needs siblings? I do.
What about you? What are some of the stupidest arguments you’ve gotten into with siblings, parents, spouses, or any family members, really? Think about that for a second. Comment it, if you want. Maybe write a post about it. (If you do, comment a link. I’d seriously love to hear that I’m not the only one who gets into those dumb arguments…)