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Winter’s Child


Let’s get back to the usual Wednesday poems, shall we?


Falling, falling

Deeper She grows

Outside to inside,

Freezing my nose.

Shaking, shivers

My body grows cold

Covered in White

The clouds, they unfold

Revealing the pure

The icy, the young

Frozen breath in the air

Winter’s child Snow is here

In the Darkest of the Night


My mind won’t let me rest

Can’t express it in the light

It’s ridiculous at best

But I write my thoughts at night

I pen the words I want

And they come the way I need

It’s harder than it looks

Writing something others read

I wish I wrote the same

No matter what the time

But things don’t work that way

i swear that I’ll be fine.

Sleep is overrated.

Something only children get

My mind becomes un-faded

i never will regret

All the hours spent awake

slaving over keyboard tiles

It’s worth it, every second.

to see my family’s smiles

and the looks on people’s faces

when they read something they like

I wrote it, I made it.

In the darkest of the night.

Ode To Netflix


Who never fails to jump right in

When things don’t go my way

I’ll hide with you, dear Netflix,

And life’ll be OK.

Even on good days,

When I celebrate,

I do so with your aid.

Oh, Netflix, dear, dear Netflix.

Let’s honor the glory you’ve made.


You’re everyone I want you to be

You consist of geeky fandoms

And my fake reality,

The Doctor has arrived

He will always save the day.

Merlin (secretly) helps Arthur

Could it be any other way?

Make it so, the Captain says,

And they whiz across the black

At the click of a button I save the world

Netflix… you did that.


Now, I admit, you’ve had your faults

All those movies you chose to release

That nobody ever heard of.

or cared to see, at least.

You bored us for a while

Made us think your good was through.

You even scared the fangirls

By threatening Doctor Who.

But the movies were removed,

And The Doctor still remains.

You even added Friends,

So the parents want to pay.


So I thank you, dearest TV show service,

For helping me through every boring phase.

The times when so little was going on,

Without you I’d have READ, for days!


Oh dearest, Netflix,

You can do no wrong,

Inventor of binge-watching pride,

I salute you, darlingest Netflix.

May forever your flag fly high.

The Bees


It’s the quickest ones

They sting hard when they’re spoken

And stay forever.

Never truly heal

May get better, be okay.

But I’m always scarred.

Everybody hurts.

The bees, they strike everyone.

Never relenting.

We have power, though.

Power to just love instead.

Destroy our own hive.

Bees, they live always

We can’t stomp them out for good

But always we love.