The Sweet Taste of Freedom


Well, guys, I’ve gotta be honest.

College sucks.

This past semester has been a near hell of stress, busywork, sleep deprivation and frighteningly low grades in Biology. Needless to say, between studying, stressing, nervous breakdowns and maybe just a little bit of crying I haven’t had much time to blog. I have good news, though, something that makes all of that worth it.

It’s over.

Finals have been completed and grades have been posted. (Side note: after all of the crap I went through stressing over it I still got a B in bio! That’s pretty much a miracle for me. )

I never have to do any sort of science EVER again. I’m free! You have no IDEA how happy  this makes me, you guys. I can LIVE again. More importantly: I can SLEEP again! *Cue happy dance*


happy dance.gif

Now to spend this Christmas writing my butt off to make up for lost time.



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