Monthly Archives: December 2015

Winter’s Child


Let’s get back to the usual Wednesday poems, shall we?


Falling, falling

Deeper She grows

Outside to inside,

Freezing my nose.

Shaking, shivers

My body grows cold

Covered in White

The clouds, they unfold

Revealing the pure

The icy, the young

Frozen breath in the air

Winter’s child Snow is here

The Sweet Taste of Freedom


Well, guys, I’ve gotta be honest.

College sucks.

This past semester has been a near hell of stress, busywork, sleep deprivation and frighteningly low grades in Biology. Needless to say, between studying, stressing, nervous breakdowns and maybe just a little bit of crying I haven’t had much time to blog. I have good news, though, something that makes all of that worth it.

It’s over.

Finals have been completed and grades have been posted. (Side note: after all of the crap I went through stressing over it I still got a B in bio! That’s pretty much a miracle for me. )

I never have to do any sort of science EVER again. I’m free! You have no IDEA how happy  this makes me, you guys. I can LIVE again. More importantly: I can SLEEP again! *Cue happy dance*


happy dance.gif

Now to spend this Christmas writing my butt off to make up for lost time.