What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar (Fiction)


The heat was blinding as I trekked farther and farther away from the safety of my vehicle. Why did I do this? Nobody in their right mind would subject themselves to the threats of this wilderness. I took another step, and another, my energy waning all too quickly. Sweat poured in buckets from my head, and I could feel my exposed arms and face crisping in the sunlight.
It must’ve been 150 degrees out here, and me without so much as a bottle of water to quench my ever-growing thirst. It felt like miles I walked, without seeing a single indication of life.
Walking, walking, walking. Too far I had gone, too far to go. Would I make it? My life flashed before my eyes. I saw invitations to birthdays, Christmases, and baptisms, most of which I hadn’t gone to. Had I been too distant in my life? If I died here in this desert, would anybody miss me? Did anybody need me? I didn’t know anymore.

I made peace with my God, and I was listing the things that I wanted forgiveness for when I saw it, two feet away from me. My savior. The door to safety, my way out of this torture.

Thanking God and making a promise to continue our little chat later, I gratefully took the remaining step through the door to my local Walmart.


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      • Why don’t you write a suspense thriller about yourself?!! I am sure people will be hooked to your story telling skills right from the ‘about’ section.


      • Oh yes, I’m sure a suspense thriller about me would be absolutely RIVETING. “Faith sat at the computer for the sixth hour in a row, when suddenly a bumping sound made her jump. She bolted out of her desk chair, wielding a deadly fountain pen. There it was again, closer this time. Two more times the sound occurred, getting closer, when suddenly something burst into the room heading straight at her. Faith found herself lying flat on the floor, being assaulted with kisses from her vicious labrador retriever, who had just woken up from a restful nap.” I think I’m the only person who’d read THAT. 😉

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